Reading List.

When you find a book that makes you want to preach its contents, you’ve found something that speaks to who you are.  You find yourself in those pages.  When you break your silent reading to whisper an agreeing “Yes.” to those words, you’ve really shouted at decibels so profound that only your soul can comprehend.

I’ll admit I don’t read as often as I should, but books expand one’s mind in a way that little else can.  Here’s what I’m perusing, debating, and mentally engaging.


I absolutely recommend this read.  Panther Baby: A Life of Rebellion & Reinvention has inspired me beyond measure.  This is the book that reminded me of the value of the written and spoken word.  Truly a classic for the revolutionary spirit, Panther Baby is a must for any of us seeking to push all the right boundaries and demanding an accurate account of the plight of revolutionaries past.




Inside This Place, Not of ItInside This Place, Not of It: in short, a brief introduction/overview of the horrendous human rights abuses women face in American prisons.  Each account speaks from a different voice, another woman facing rape and violence inside that place.  Each account speaks to a different voice within each of us, the woman fortunate enough to still be on the outside, able to enact change for our incarcerated sisters.


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