Resume & Experience.

Here you’ll find a link to view a PDF of my most recent resume (last updated on January 30, 2013).  This file will change as my resume evolves, so remember to check back every so often.

A brief summary of my experience: I’ve lived in developing countries, worked with society’s bottom billion, and found courage and hope in the darkest corners.

My job as a cashier maybe didn’t provide me with skills directly applicable to what I do now, but I did come away with an appreciation for just how hard that bottom billion has to work.

My job as a receptionist didn’t exactly line up with ideals of social change, but it did provide me with the beginnings of a network of compassionate, driven, and talented people.

I don’t have an ideal resume in mind.  I don’t know what I want up there.  What I do have is a piece of paper that I’ve built, full of my own stories and representative of my journey, a reminder that I’m never through with learning, that I can never assume a job is worthless or beneath me.


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